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Winter Workouts - Coeur D'alene Press: Fit For Life

Mets players reportedly paying to attend workouts at team facility | Big League Stew - Yahoo Sports

I would recommend doing your triceps. That would be good. Here again, if faced with a small window of time to train, only having to do triceps would be great. Knowing you only have a small amount of time will actually work to your benefit, allowing you to fully concentrate on only one body part at a time.
Source: http://keysnews.com/node/62369

Ways to get the most out of lifting weights | Times News Online

Updated: December 30 There was a story in the Jan. 12 Press that said Idaho's public schools get a "D." On the cover of the Jan. 13 go paper, Gov. Otter plans to seek posted: January 17 Elizabeth Vowell stretches after running, in Baton Rouge, La., Nov..
Source: http://www.cdapress.com/news/fit_for_life/article_259e4bbb-a07f-57f7-8282-a773ad37a5db.html

Shorter workouts on the go | KeysNews.com

When reached for comment by USA TODAY Sports, a Mets official reiterated that the workouts are completely voluntary and noted that Barwis pays rent for use of the facility in the offseason. So to be clear: The Mets do not charge their players $1000 to participate in offseason workouts. Barwis charges Mets players to participate in offseason workouts he holds at the teams facility, near where many of the clubs players own homes. Players from other teams, like the Indians Michael Brantley are also training with Barwis in Port St. Lucie in the offseason.
Source: http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/mlb-big-league-stew/mets-players-reportedly-paying-to-attend-workouts-at-team-facility-020806624.html

Second, you have to have a clear-cut goal in mind to achieve optimal results. Many years ago, I lifted weights in the winter in a manner similar to a bodybuilder, and I would gain muscle size and body weight as a result. One old workout log shows that I ended one bicycling season at 168 pounds and then gained 13 pounds in the next eight weeks. And I'd be willing to bet based on the increase in the weights used in tell-tale exercises like the squat, the dead lift, and the military press that almost all of the weight gained was muscle mass. Aesthetically, my body looked better at 181 than 168 but functionally it was inferior if the goal was to ascend hills on a bicycle faster.
Source: http://www.tnonline.com/2015/jan/17/ways-get-most-out-lifting-weights

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