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6 Exercise Mistakes You're Probably Making | Fox News

shin ohtake Max Workouts review width='200px' /> Painkillers block enzymes that regulate the production of prostaglandins, which let your body feel pain. But researchers believe the chemicals may also protect tissues from the kind of stress your body feels during tough workouts. "If your body is sore, it's telling you to take a day off and rest." Check out our 10 Commandments of Recovery. RELATED: Brad Pitt Is Back and Sexier Than Ever 5. Not Working Your Abs Through a Full Range of Motion A proper crunch doesn't end with your back flatit extends all the way into a back bend. And exercising only part of that range of motion will reduce the number of muscle fibers that fire, says Hoebel, who recommends performing ab exercises that involve both a full stretch and a contraction.
News source: http://www.foxnews.com/health/2015/01/01/6-exercise-mistakes-youre-probably-making/

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