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Bordentown Township: More Than Basic Training | Centraljersey.com

The firefighters also worked on their timing of the ventilation during the drill. "The other thing we were trying to do, while the guys are advancing the hand lines getting into the basement down to the fire, was the timing with the outside ventilation crew," he said. "I think timing is one of the biggest things with basement fires." He said that opening up the ventilation for them to get into the basement too quick allows that fire to just take off. "It becomes a real danger to them," he said "Its a real crucial thing to have the timing right there." Once this part of the drill was completed, the junior volunteer firefighters were mixed in with the other fire crews for some hands-on training. The crews also tested out some new nozzles the department Max Workouts purchased. "The nozzles that we used, the newer ones, we brought them outside and we actually just pitched them against the older nozzles that we were using Max Workouts review so the guys could see out in the parking lot the difference in the water stream with changing the nozzle size water tips," he said, adding they were looking for a good drill to do those evaluations. He said that Capt. Robert MacFarland and the officers were real happy with the way everything worked with the new nozzles.
News source: http://m.centraljersey.com/articles/2014/11/24/the_register_news/news/doc545a9e751c921768066100.txt

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